Міжнародне співробітництво України

 17.03. Група №6

Тема: Міжнародне співробітництво України.


1)         Do you know the name of the 3 top government officials in your town?

2)         Though you may not be of voting age, did you follow the last presidential campaign and did you know who you would have voted for?

3)         Do you read any newspaper?

4)         Do you watch the news?

5)         Would you be able to identify the areas in the world currently in crisis?

6)         Do you know which countries are presently at war, if any are?

7)         Do you know where in the world there have been natural disasters last year?

8)         Do you know the names of the major world leaders?

9)         Do you understand the effect of food and energy consumption on world politics?

10)       Do you understand the electoral process?

The Result:

If you have answered positively to more than five questions, you are really well aware about the current political and social situation in the world and in your country.

If you have answered positively to less than five questions, you don’t catch up with the current events; so try to be more interested in the life of society and the social and political affairs of your country.