Іноземна мова

Тема: Мистецтво. Складання тематичних діалогів

At the museum

– Wow! This museum is so large! We can even get lost in all those galleries. It’s impossible to see everything here. Do you know that the museum comprises more than 100 thousand exhibits?

– Yes, I agree with you. I’m afraid we need several weeks to find all the items here and read all the labels.

– We have to check the floor plans near the stairs at every entrance.

– And we have a booklet guide to the museum. I find it very useful.

– I’m quite interested in pre-historical things and archaeological artefacts of the ancient times.

– Then you are sure to like looking at the dinosaur skeletons and the tools, pottery and jewellery made by the cavemen.

– Oh, that sounds fantastic! According to our maps the ancient collections are on the first floor. There are galleries of Egyptian, Greek and Roman art there.

– As for me I’d rather prefer watching the beautiful costumes, furniture, statues and paintings of the Renaissanсe period. I really enjoy that. Art can tell us lots of different things. As I can see we’ll find plenty of famous masterpieces on the second floor: oil paintings and watercolours, still-lives, landscapes and portraits.

– Well! Let’s go then! Don’t forget to turn off your cell-phone. I’m sure our visit will be very educational and the museum will give us a glimpse into the past, into the lives of our distant ancestors.