Іноземна мова

Тема: Сучасні засоби комунікації

Group Work

Sample answers:


-Try to explain your parents that nowadays you can’t do your hometask on

some subjects without the computer, for example, you can’t listen to the English

texts or use educational programmes.

-Do you write any research works? Tell your parents you need to type such

woks on computer.

-Do the teachers of your school ask the pupils to make their own presentations

on various topics? Explain your parents that it’s impossible without the computer!


-It’s quite clear for us that the jobs of the girl’s parents aren’t connected with

computers. They are not likely to hear about the conferences or webinars which are

impossible to be held without computers.

-Tell your parents that you want your future profession to be connected with


– Show your father one of your favourite computer games! I’m sure he won’t

be able to resist the temptation.

-Why don’t you show your mum and dad the advantages of using the Internet?

Explain that you will be able to find any information, communicate with friends

and relatives, do shopping and so on!

Мультимедійна презентація з англійської мови для 11 класу на тему: «Комунікаційні технології»

Вправа 1-4, ст. 136-137

https://4book.org/uchebniki-ukraina/10-klass/angliyska-mova-10-klas-karpyuk-2018/unit-5-communication-technologies/page-136 https://4book.org/uchebniki-ukraina/10-klass/angliyska-mova-10-klas-karpyuk-2018/unit-5-communication-technologies/page-137