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Тема: Україна в політичних і економічних блоках.

Ukraine is a sovereign state; its independence was proclaimed in 1991. Ukraine is situated in the east of Europe. The territory of Ukraine is 603 700 square kilometres. Ukraine borders on Russia, Belarus, Poland, Moldova, Slovakia, Hungary, and Romania. It’s washed by the Black Sea and the Sea of Azov and has very important ports. Ukraine is larger than France and Great Britain but considerably smaller than Russia. 5% of Ukraine’s territory is mountainous; the rest part of the Ukrainian area is flat. Ukraine has the Carpathians and the Crimean Mountains. The Carpathians is the natural mountainous boundary of Ukraine. They are covered with mixed forests of pine, fir, beech and oak trees. There are the thickest forests in Volyn, which are part of the famous Byelovezhskaya Puscha.

The Dnieper is the main river of the country; moreover, it’s the third longest river in Europe. Such rivers as the Dniester, the Danube, the Southern Bug and the Seversky Donets are also important.

The population of our country is about 46 million people. Besides Ukrainians the representatives of many other nationalities live there: Russians, Jews, Belarusians, Moldavians, Romanians, Greeks, Tatars, Poles, Armenians, Germans, Gypsies and other ethnic minorities. They contributed to Ukraine’s culture and history.

The biggest cities of Ukraine are Kyiv, Kharkiv, Lviv, Dnipropetrovsk, Zaporizhzhya, Donetsk, Odessa, Mykolaiv and others.

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Тема: Політичний устрій США.

The United States of America is a federative republic.

Since 1959 the Federation comprises 50 states.

The president is the head of the state and executive body.

He is also the commander-in-chief of the army and Navy of the USA.

The president and vice-president are elected for a term of four years.

All the legislative power is vested in Congress, which consists of the Senate and the House of Representatives.

There are 100 senators and 435 members in the House of Representatives.

Two Senators from each state are elected by popular vote for a term of six years, the Representatives are elected for two-year term.

Both houses must approve the bill for it to become a law.

An essential role in the US political system is played by the Supreme Court, which may declare a law, passed by Congress, to be contradictory to the Constitution of the country.

The various states have legislative and executive bodies of their own.

Their structure, function and competence are determined by the Constitution of each state.

There is an elected governor at the head of each state.

States enjoy independence in their domestic affairs, including financial matters.

However, state laws and actions of state authorities must not conflict with the Constitution of the USA.


1. Who is the head of the state?

2. How are the senators elected?

3. Who stands at the head of each state?

4. How many senators are there in the House of Representatives?

5. How many states are there in the USA?


Тема: Україна та ЄС.

In February 2005, the joint European Union-Ukraine plan of action for 2005-2007 was adopted.

An organic part of this process is the strategy for Ukrainian integration with the European Union and, consequently, the European Union-Ukraine plans of action.

For both objective and subjective reasons, all the elements of interaction between Ukraine and the European Union are currently characterized by a considerable degree of vagueness rendering it particularly difficult to forecast the specific parameters of the impact of European Union enlargement on Ukraine.

ts annual meeting every summer in Yalta has become the main high-level Ukraine-EU forum for debate and policy recommendations.

With the European Union, we are working on an action plan of reforms under the auspices of the European Neighborhood Policy, which we hope will lead to the beginning of negotiations on an E.U.-Ukraine free-trade agreement.


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